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Phonics Teaching at St Mark’s

As a School we follow the progression, principles and practices in ‘Letters and Sounds’ alongside the writing and reading aspects of the National Curriculum. Letters and Sounds is a high quality phonics teaching resource produced by the government. From this resource, we have chosen to develop our own planning following the progression within Letters and Sounds, tailoring it to meet the needs of our children.

The children are explicitly taught phonics throughout key stage 1. The majority of children come to Key Stage 2  with a good phonics understanding. This understanding is further supported throughout their English and Guided Reading sessions.

For children who have gaps in their phonics knowledge and understanding, we run phonics intervention. This will take place regularly both within Literacy lessons and through withdrawal and catch up sessions   During these sessions, the children take part in activities and games which are planned to meet individual needs in order to close the gaps in their phonics knowledge.


The children are taught to write their letters using a cursive script.

The letters are grouped into four families: