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Autumn 2

This term our topic was Oceans and continents. We have been busy learning all of the names of the oceans and exploring different continents and identifying them on a map. This term has also been all about Christmas! We have taken part in the Christingle service at school this year due to COVID restrictions and we have performed our Nativity 'Little Angel gets her wings'.

Our Nativity superstars!

In Science we have been learning all about plants. We planted our own seeds and observed and measured them each week to see how much they grew. We also investigated what happened to seeds that were left in different conditions. We also learnt about seed dispersal and used magnifying glasses to see what the inside of flowers look like.

All things plants

In D&T this term we designed, made and then evaluated our Pop up Christmas cards. We also created a reindeer tree decoration, carefully using a drill to create a hole in the wood.