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History Progression of Skills

Geography Progression of Skills

Humanities at St Mark’s is really exciting. We choose topics that we know will deepen our children’s knowledge and give them a sense of the chronological order of key events, of both British and worldwide history. We explore local geographical points of interest such as The Jurassic coast and worldwide such as St Lucia in Year 2. We look at the impact that Swanage had during key moments in history, such as child refugees in World War Two in Year 6. Each year group also focuses on a key significant person; such as Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Robert Peel, Lady Mary Bankes and Cleopatra.

Every half term each year group is given the exciting challenge of completing a home learning project. The children (and parents!) really enjoy this! Some of the favourites have been Titanic models (Year 2), World war two bunkers (Year 6), Egyptian death masks (Year 3), Medieval houses (Year 1), Dinosaurs (Reception) and Victorian inventions in Year Four.

We plan exciting trips across all year groups including visiting the beach, Corfe Castle, Titanic museum, Tutankhamun exhibition and Leeson house for a Victorian day!