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R.E Teaching Summer 2020

RE Lessons for Summer 2020


As a church school, our core values of Love, Trust, Respect and Inspire guide us in our own journeys of life. In RE, there are stories from the Bible that support us to understand these values in different ways.


Welcome to a series of video clips and questions that I am going to use as RE lessons across the whole school. During this current period of uncertainty, I thought now would be a brilliant time to share some the Bible’s stories, with questions that follow, to help your children unpick the meanings – perhaps you can do this together?



Parents, these videos are aimed at children but you may wish to check them yourselves beforehand if you’re unsure.


Lesson 1 – Week Beginning: 11th May: The Good Samaritan


This is a story many of us know very well. Sometimes, however, it’s good to reflect on a good story and remind ourselves of the message and meaning.

  • Has that meaning now changed in our current time?
  • Does the meaning change as we get older?


  • Have you ever needed help?
  • Have you ever helped anyone?
  • Would you only help your friends or would you help anyone who needed help?
  • What core values do you think are represented in this story and why?
  • How does this story affect you? Why?
  • What will you do differently?


Lesson 2 – Week Beginning: 18th May: Wise and Foolish Builders


What is your life built on?

This is a new story for us all so listen carefully to think about what the key messages might be.


When Jesus told the story of two men building themselves houses, was he simply giving DIY tips or was he trying to teach us something even more important? Watch the video and see what you think.


  • What do you think Jesus was trying to teach people through this parable?
  • What do you think are the good things that we should have as the foundations in our lives?
  • Are you good at listening to and following wise advice?