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Spring 2

Science dome- Tuesday 21st March

Today we were extremely lucky to have the Science dome come into school. We worked with year 3 and learnt all about rocks and fossils. We learnt about the timeline of earth and how continents have evolved and shifted over time. We were fully immersed in the experience watching everything.

We had a fantastic time at the Titanic museum in Southampton. We had a great guided tour around the museum and the staff were very impressed with their knowledge! In the afternoon we took part in lots of activities; exploring how the compartments sank, matching clues and smells to different areas of the Titanic, choosing which people could go on the lifeboats and exploring artefacts from that time. 

In art we have been learning about the artist Richard Long. We practised our skills for block printing using lots of techniques. Finally we created a repeating pattern on a tile and used this to create a whole class piece of work. 

Our London landmarks home learning projects!