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Spring 2

For DT this half term we had to make elephants!

We used milk bottles to make the elephant shape, carefully cutting out it's legs and trunk. Next we used lots of tissue paper and glue and decorate our elephant like Elmer. Once it was completely covered and dried, we attached our moving part (either tail or ears) using a split pin.

World book day

Nature walk in science

In science we went on a nature walk and made a tally chart. We made a tally for how many different flowers we could see on our walk.

The most popular flower was a dandelion, the least popular flower was the dog rose.

Planting Cress

We each planted some cress seeds during science for our experiment.

Then we put some cress near a window and some in a dark place, to see which would grow quicker.

After a week we started to notice that the cress near the window had started growing faster.