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Summer 1

We drew our idol for an art competition.

We started by discussing what an idol is and thought about who we could choose 'family, friends, teachers and club leaders'. Next we drew a face following a step by step video to help us. After we made the face look like our chosen idol. 

Some people that the children chose 'my mummy because she is so kind and helpful' 'my dad because he does good work and help my family' ' my brother because he helps me with my homework and is kind to me' 'my teacher because she is kind to me and helps me when i'm stuck' 

We went on a trip to Corfe castle for our castle topic.

We had so much fun walking around and learning about Corfe castle. We saw some real arrow slits, where the drawbridge would have been, the castle toilets and so much more!

Making Potato Wedges

At the beginning of the year we planted some potatoes. Over the year we have watched the potato plant grow.

We harvested our potatoes as a class, then Miss Hoppe took them home, to wash and make them into potato wedges. Then we got to try our potato wedges in class. They were very tasty!

We have now planted new potatoes for next years Swallows class.

In ICT we have been learning how to use equipment.

In this lesson, the children needed to design a place for the penguin to sit. Then independently use an ipad to take a picture of their design with the penguin in/on. We enjoyed being able to use an ipad for our selves.