At The Seaside

Summer has arrived and we are off to the seaside! We have become experts at naming features such as coastline, pier, harbour, bay and cliffs. We have read all about keeping safe in the sun and remembered the top tips; slip, slap, slop, slide and seek. Having giggled at the Punch and Judy show, we constructed our own split pin puppets. We have used non-fiction books and the internet to find out facts about sharks, jellyfish and octopus; creating our own using a variety of materials. We have even written our own riddles for others to guess the sea creature. We have explored floating and sinking, as well as capacity. Argh pirate week! Fun was had by all as we dressed up; created treasure maps; went on a treasure hunt; did pirate jobs such as scrubbing the decks and learned how to talk like a pirate. Our highlight was meeting a real pirate and asking him questions.
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