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Amazing Animals

The tiger who came to tea. Would a tiger be a good pet?

Searching for hibernating animals and making our own hedgehogs.

Exploring the Polar Regions we have investigated what happens to water when it gets cold and what happens to ice when it gets warm. We have learned new vocabulary to help us talk about what we have observed: melt, freeze, solid and liquid.

We are all artists just like Kandinsky! We drew our own circles and mixed our own colours to paint a collaborative piece of art. We have been learning that circles are round and have one curved side which helps them roll. Great Team work!

We are all artists. Inspired by the recent icy weather, we explored cool colours - transient art.

We are shape detectives. Which shapes can you see? How do you know which shape it is? How many corners does it have? How many sides does it have? Are the sides all equal? What happens when you rotate the shape? Which shapes can you create using only squares?

What better than a real donkey joining us for our KS 1 Nativity!

Our Jingle Jog and a visit from Santa!