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People Who Help Us

Friends help each other.

Doctors, nurses and paramedics help us to feel better "Hello this is the doctor's surgery. Have you got an appointment? You can come at 4.48 on Thursday."

A wonderful visit from our local fire-fighter team. Amanda, Keith, Matt and Kyle came in to tell us all about their job and the equipment that they use. We absolutely loved exploring the fire engine; talking on the radio, using the thermal imaging camera, hearing the loud sirens, watching the flashing lights and squirting water from the hose!

Superheroes can help!

Siobhan and Camilla from Regency Dental Practice came in to tell us all about their job and how they help us in our community. We found out what happens when you visit the dentist and most importantly how we can look after our teeth.

The Police help us in our community. PC Kristian Budden came to tell us all about his job and the special equipment that he needs.

Kerry, our lovely school nurse, popped in to talk about how we can keep safe, fit and healthy. She helped us to measure ourselves to see how tall we are and reminded us of all the things that we can do to help ourselves: washing our hands to remove germs; putting tissues in the bin; washing our bodies; wearing helmets on our bikes and scooters; having a car seat and wearing a seat belt, eating healthy fruit and vegetables; drinking plenty of water; having enough sleep and reducing screen time before bed; cleaning our teeth twice a day; wearing sunscreen and a sunhat in warmer weather; running around to exercise our bodies.

Exploring capacity whilst making magic potions with glitter! We needed great hand eye coordination to pour carefully. We used new vocabulary to describe what we could see; full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty. As detectives, we investigated which container held the most/least. Why not explore capacity at bath time?

Lydia and Tammy from Purbeck Youth Music helped us to explore woodwind instruments. We named the instruments and listened carefully for low and high sounds.

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Purbeck Youth Music

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