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Our Beach Hut

We have had a little room in our school converted to a Beach Hut. 


With the help of the ladies at Candle World ( a local shop in Swanage), Purbeck Media, local Artist Ben Spurling, our PTA  and the inspiration from Mrs Burton and Miss Canning, we have created a safe space for children to calm down, and reset themselves, if they feel overwhelmed.  One of our volunteer readers donated  two very relaxing deck chairs and the Swanage Knitters, made beach themed blankets for our children to snuggle under. 


There are books to read, mindfulness colouring, play dough, a black  out tent and comfy beanbags... everything you need to just relax and look at Swanage Pier or try and find the hidden creatures amongst the seaweed!


This project was certainly a community project and has great purpose and use in the school. This room has been dedicated to our Chair of Governors, who sadly passed away  but we know she would have loved it . 

Nurture Groups
Nurture Groups are an effective, evidenced-based approach supporting Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) in an inclusive manner. SEBD can arise from Special Educational Needs (SEN) and/or Additional Support Needs (ASD). Through successfully addressing the barriers to learning, Nurture Groups result in both improved academic attainment and improved health and wellbeing.


The six principles of nurture:


Children’s learning is understood developmentally
The classroom offers a safe base
The importance of nurture for the development of self-esteem
Language is a vital means of communication
All behaviour is communication
The importance of transition in children’s lives

Nurture News:

Congratulations Harry – The Royal Horticultural Society Young Gardener of the Year Finalist.


As you know The Nurture Group work hard in the gardens and forest school, and this term we had some very exciting news. Our very own Harry was a finalist in The Royal Horticultural Society Young Gardener of the Year. Our school work closely with RHS and we have achieved all 5 levels of their school projects. Harry attended a the finalists’ ceremony at Wisley with his family, where he was presented with a framed certificate, engraved trowel, £100 of gardening vouchers for the school, along with a beautiful cold frame which will be built for us in the grounds by Gabriel Ash. You can watch a short film about Harry and his Nurture team of gardeners on St Mark’s website.

You can also look at the results of this national competition at: