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Why do we have homework?


In setting homework we aim to:


Develop a home/school partnership
to extend and support the learning experience in school by providing opportunities to practise skills
to encourage pupils to develop good learning strategies
to provide opportunities for parents and pupils to enjoy learning together
to ensure the needs of individual pupils are taken into account
to inspire and motivate the pupils
encourage and develop independent learning


How can we help at home?


Try to provide, as far as possible:


A reasonably peaceful, suitable place for their children to do their homework
Encourage their children to realise that homework is important and will help their learning in school
Praise their children when the homework is finished or the child has completed as much as he/she can
Keep in touch with the teacher
Encourage their child to use the local library or look online


Variety and types of Homework


At St. Mark’s CE Primary School we set a variety of types of homework depending on the age and ability of the pupils.  The list below is representative of types of homework that have been set in the past:


Learning spellings, multiplication tables, mental arithmetic tasks
Completion of class work or tasks begun in school
Research on a familiar or new topic
A piece of maths, science or English work
Other work agreed between parents and the school
Home-school learning projects


Homework Hints and Tips!

There is no getting away from it – homework is an essential part of your learning and education.  Every pupil at St Mark’s, no matter what class they are in, is given homework to complete.  It is up to you to get it done and hand it in on time to your teacher.


Here are some suggestions to help you be organised and efficient!

Work out the best time for you to do your homework
Spread it out over the time you have available to complete it
Timetable it in over your week
Gather all your books and stationery before you start
Have a drink, preferably water.  Research suggests that this may help you work better
Find a quiet comfortable environment, away from anything that may distract you
Read and follow instructions carefully
Check through your work carefully.
Ask a parent to check your work.  If they notice one or two mistakes then sort out the mistakes
Let your parent see your homework diary
Make sure your completed homework is in your school bag ready for the next day


Remember to hand it in!

It is your responsibility!


If you need some help, try some of these links!


Links for children when working at home


The following sites may be useful when helping with homework. (These sites are out of school control with regards to content so please use safely). There is also a phonics help page in the curriculum section .

Please use the internet safely when exploring the websites with your children.

Content on websites changes continually and Wittering Primary School cannot be held responsible for website content from published links.