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Sports Leaders Training

Nine of our Year 5 pupils applied to take part in the leadership training course which was held on Friday 3rd November at the Purbeck School. On arrival the children were given their sport’s leaders tee-shirts which they were very keen to wear.



Their first activity was to grade the qualities that are required to make a successful sports leader. The pupils completed this task quickly demonstrating many of the qualities required for example communicating, cooperating and listening.


Next the children met the School Sports Coordinator for Christchurch, Dan Moody, who welcomed the fourteen schools and introduced the star guest for the day, Kate Gray, a Paralympic swimmer. Kate represented Britain for ten years competing in European & World Championships as well as the Olympics in Beijing. She has now retired from competing and works as a mentor to young people promoting the power of sport. She is also a reporter for the BBC.


Meeting Kate Gray

The pupils spent the day focusing on the elements required when organising activities e.g. the space required and ensuring the task is relevant for the age group being taught. They learnt a range of games which they can play back at school, all of which used basic equipment. In addition to this, they also produced a plan of action for us to develop on our return to school.

Demonstrating Great Cooperation & Communication

The pupil’s enthusiasm and outstanding behaviour throughout the day was a pleasure to see and we are looking forward to seeing our new group of Bronze Ambassadors developing their skills throughout the next two years.