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Fire! Fire!

Taking on a role in our play.

Painting people who help us. Which job would you like to do when you become an adult?

Celebrating Home Learning.

A visit from Kristian Budden, a police officer. We found out about the job that they do and the equipment that they need to help keep us safe.

Our local fire and rescue team, Amanda, Rob, Matt and Keith came in today to help us learn how to prevent fire and how to keep ourselves safe in the event of a fire. We now know to Get Out! Stay Out! Call 999! We enjoyed exploring the fire engine, learning about the equipment needed and even had the opportunity to squirt water from the hose.

A visit from Kerry our school nurse. She told us all about her job, how she helps others in our community and reminded us how we can look after ourselves.

Gavin Steeden, coxswain of our local RNLI team, came in to tell us how he, and his team of volunteers, help to keep us safe. We are so very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place on the coast. Gavin explained how we can keep ourselves safe at the seaside and showed us some of the equipment needed to do his job.