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Ducklings find out more about People who help us.

What a week it has been for our Ducklings! Their topic is ‘People who help us’ and look who came along to support this and share their knowledge! 

Thank you to Regency Dental Practice for allowing Siobhan and Camilla to come along and tell us how they help our community and what happens when you go to see the dentist. 

Then, we had a visit from PC Budden , who shared all about his job and then  Mrs Burton was a bit naughty so she was handcuffed! We hope she has learnt her lesson and starts behaving! 

Finally, Kerry our school nurse came in and told us how we can look after ourselves by eating well, drinking water, sleeping and exercising. 

Thank you so much for your time, our Ducklings asked so many questions and took away so much information and went on to paint portraits of those people who help us.