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Summer 2


Today, we started our new writing topic looking at non-chronological reports. We read through the report about Sloths and discussed some of the features that we might find. Afterwards, we were given the task of finding and labelling as many of the non-chronological report features as we could.

This week, we are going to be researching about our favourite animal from the Rainforest in books and on the internet and then creating our own report like the one we read today. 



Summer 1


In Literacy, we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We were inspired by the imaginative and creative chocolate bar names in the story that we decided to design our own. 

Here you can see some of the persuasive adverts that we made to persuade everyone to buy our chocolate bars. We have used imperative verbs, persuasive phrases, discounts, addressing the reader and expanded noun phrases in our writing. 



Science Topic - Animals including Humans

We have been learning about skeletons, muscles, bones, healthy eating and keeping healthy this half term. We ended the topic with an investigation to test if having a longer femur bone meant you could run faster. We found out the answer was no...




In DT this half term, we have been making slingshot cars. We began with making the chassis (the body of the car) using lollipop sticks, a paper clip and an elastic band. We glued the chassis together using a hot glue gun- we had to be careful not to burn our fingers and squeeze slowly and carefully. 


After that, we designed and then made our sides, back and front. Some of us were inspired by Formula 1 and others chose to decorate however we wanted. We used the hot glue gun to hold everything together. This was the trickiest part but we think they look great! 


Finally, we put our slingshot cars to the test and investigated which car was the most air resistant. We realised that the smaller and thinner cars travelled the furthest.